Tillyboo’s was born around the idea of eco-reusables. But what are they? Do you need them? How do eco-reusables help you?

Reusable items, are in their own essence, eco friendly. everything made or produced has a cost to the earth, it’s resources and has an environmental impact. At a time where we are all busy nasal gazing and taking on the words of Sir David Attenborough, we are becoming more and more aware of our environmental impact and the effects we have on earth’s very precious resources. If a resource can be re-used until it literally falls apart, then it is ‘costing less’ to the earth.

Over a series of stories I will help you explore the most environmentally friendly options for reusables, look at fabrics and materials with lower environmental impacts and delve into the finer points of reusables – balancing the washing needs with a new product in terms of environmental impact.

As a mum I used reusable nappies on my two children, turns out they are a ‘gateway’ reusable, opening doors to endless possibilities. They allowed me access to an inner sanctum of eco-reusable knowledge, I learnt about zero waste living an dhow to reduce my impact on earth. both the zero waste and cloth nappy communities are embracing and wonderful sources of knowledge.

Tillyboo’s eco-reusables is based on this gained knowledge. I will never push a new product on someone if they already have what they need – the best way to save resources and the planet is to buy nothing, reuse what you have first. But, if you do need something new then a reusable always trumps a disposable. That’s where our plastic free, natural products become your new go to buy.

A reusable product: aimed to help your daily lifestyle, whilst also helping to save resources. Surely it’s win win?

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