Range of reusable products

Reusable products are a great way to help protect the earth’s natural resources, every time you use a reusable product or eco-reusable, you are cutting down the items carbon footprint and cost to the planet.


Some reusable products you will already have – and as someone who aims to be as low waste as possible (zero waste, yes in an ideal world, but I do find that a mega challenge!) I really do advocate using what you have at home to reuse first – and others will need to be bought.


Anything you have can become a reusable – that cereal bag, the bread bag, a take away container, the biscuit tin… the list goes on. Be creative, recycling is great, but it too takes energy – always reuse first where you can. This saves you money and time and also saves the valuable resources from our precious planet.


If you are really passionate about the idea of low waste or zero waste, then becoming a hoarder of things will soon follow. A reusable product becomes a posh word for a reusable item (or something that you used to throw away).

 Purposeful or pretty?

Reusable items do not need to be pretty, attractive or coordinated, they simple fulfil the purpose of reusing an item to contain something new. Trust me there are no matching or labelled jars filled with refill foods in my kitchen cupboards, but there are a lot of reused passata jars! If you’ve been following my oat milk experiment on Instagram http://www.intagram.com/tillyboos, you may have noticed that I reuse some of my milkman juice bottles for the oat milk. If you want to learn more about these kinds of reusable items then why not look into the Tillyboo’s easy plastic swaps consultancy https://www.tillyboos.co.uk/product/eco-consultancy-easy-swops-/33?cp=true&sa=true&sbp=false&q=false for more ideas.

Buying something new. 

Now there will, of course, be times when you need to buy a reusable product. And the question arises: what are some reusable products? Again, a reusable product is anything that can be used more than once. When you do need to replace something at home then choosing to replace it with a reusable item instead of a disposable, or single use item, is a great way to lower your carbon footprint, and to protect earth’s resources for the future. For different people, different reusable products will be higher up on the priority list. Which reusable product do you need? I can’t answer that question for you, without knowing more. But start by looking at which disposable items you use most and when they run out purchase a reusable alternative instead.


A really easy way of identifying some reusable products is by popping to our online shop! Reusable products cover all most all areas of the home:

replace disposable clingfilm with reusable beeswax wraps,

replace disposable snack and sandwich bags with reusable food safe PUL options,

replace disposable cotton wool with reusable face wipes or face pads,

replace disposable tin foil with bowl covers,

replace disposable sanitary pads with cloth sanitary pads (washable menstrual pads),

replace disposable kitchen roll with reusable and washable kitchen cloths.

The list really could keep going. Start with your bin – what do you dispose of most? Reducing your waste by replacing some items with reusable products could make a big change to your life!


Of course if you would like more help or guidance with your own choice of reusable products we are happy to help, either with our consultancy packages where we can help you choose sustainable and plastic free swaps from the UK or pop us a message on the contact form, I always love to chat about reusable products!


Maybe that’s been a long answer to the question. So what is the short answer?

What are some reusable products? Anything that is disposable has a reusable alternative somewhere.

Easy reusable product swaps and options: What are some reusable products?

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