Tea Basket - Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Infuser


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This Tea basket is the answer if you want to remove the plastic from your morning brew!

Traditional, disposable tea bags contain plastic. So choose loose leaf tea and one of these reusable baskets instead.

Fill with your chosen loose leaf tea, and infuse in your cup just as you would a tea bag. Take it out and leave to dry, knock out the leaves, and use again.

Reusable stainless steel hinged top tea infuser to brew tea in a mug, pot or other container at home and out and about.

EcoLiving Tea Basket is a reusable tea bag alternative perfect for brewing loose tea leaves and reducing waste.

It’s easier than most to clean, load and unload as its hinged top completely opens. It’s the perfect size to fit into most standard containers like mugs or mason jars.

Replaces the need for tea bags. This stainless steel tea infuser is more durable and safety tested in the UK.

Made in China


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