Vegan wax wraps set

Vegan wax wraps set, choose from our selection pack options. Plastic free clingfilm alternative for wrapping leftovers and snacks. Zero waste, eco-friendly sandwich wrap option.




Vegan wax wraps set: choose the perfect set of wraps to suit your needs. These are beautifully soft vegan wax wraps made from 100% cotton, soy wax , pine resin and jojoba or olive oil. All sourced within the UK and suitable for use. They are safe near food.

Vegan wax wraps set options.

Choose the small vegan wax wraps set if you mostly wrap leftovers and snacks. The small set includes 3 x size 1 wraps (2o x 2ocm)

Our starter vegan wax wraps set is perfect for most households. This set includes 2 x size 1 (20 x 20cm) and 1 x size 2 (30 x 30cm).

The large vegan wax wraps set is great if you frequently cover bowls or wrap sandwiches. It includes 3 x size 2 wraps (30 x 30cm).

When warmed with your hands these soft and tacky reusable vegan wax wraps mould around the item or bowl. They have a slight stick thanks to the addition of the pine resin. Perfect for wrapping and covering left overs to keep them fresh, or for wrapping something to keep it separate in a lunch box.

All of our reusable vegan wax wraps come in a variety of patterns and block colours, a random one will be sent. If you would like something in a particular style or colour palette please let us know. Or if you would like to choose a particular print then drop us a message before ordering to see what is available.

Made to last.

They last a minimum of 8 – 12 months if handled well, although might show signs of wear. Wax wraps can be refreshed or re-waxed by placing in the oven, or by adding more wax. When dirty, wash the wraps in cold to warm soapy water – not hot – and leave them to dry. Fold the wraps flat to store them. They are safe to use in the fridge and freezer safe. They are not suitable for raw meat or fish. The wraps are not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher.

Larger wraps, or different shapes are available on request. If they reach the end of their life, you can cut them up and compost them. I have been told that they make amazing fire starters!

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