Lower your plastic waste – homebaking

Bake your way to plastic free Do you like baking? Well like it or loathe it, if you’re trying to reduce your single use plastic, it’s a great way to help. I’ve always loved baking, so for me it’s a fun way to lower my single use plastic waste. Especially when it comes to lunch […]

Low waste lunch boxes.

Low waste lunchboxes. Lunch boxes can be a constant chore. Planning what to pack, making them balanced, keeping the kids (or adults!) happy and full and that’s before you start to consider the packaging. In our home we have been trying to lower our waste (we are on the long road to zero waste) and […]

Easy reusable product swaps and options: What are some reusable products?

Reusable products are a great way to help protect the earth’s natural resources, every time you use a reusable product or eco-reusable, you are cutting down the items carbon footprint and cost to the planet.   Some reusable products you will already have – and as someone who aims to be as low waste as […]

Zero waste baking with homemade oat milk.

Zero waste baking with homemade oat milk. (Baking with oat milk pulp.) Baking can be a challenging task, zero waste baking even more so, but zero waste baking with homemade oat milk is actually enjoyable!  As an eco-conscious person, I have been consciously reducing our use of single use plastic at home and find home […]

What are eco reusables?

Tillyboo’s was born around the idea of eco-reusables. But what are they? Do you need them? How do eco-reusables help you? Reusable items, are in their own essence, eco friendly. everything made or produced has a cost to the earth, it’s resources and has an environmental impact. At a time where we are all busy […]