This year Earth overshoot day was on July 29th. By this day we had used up the planet’s year’s worth of resources. Last year it was August 22nd, the pandemic had pushed it back a bit. In 1987 it was December 19th.  It is worrying that we get through the resources so soon in the year.

I was intrigued to find my own overshoot date and ended up being shocked that it was June 10th! As an eco friendly vegetarian I was shocked.

It turned out most of my resource use come out as carbon footprint – the car and carbon footprint of my shopping habits.

So, if like me, you would like to reduce your carbon footprint – what can you do about it?

  1. Check out your carbon footprint so you are fully informed – visit to find yours and to see where you can make the most impact.
  2. Plant trees for free with TreeApp. Install the app, click through an advert each day and plant a tree for free. This month I have offset 203% of my carbon by doing this. It takes 3 minutes a day and costs me nothing. It also has the option to plant even more trees at a small cost.
  3. is another fantastic tree planting organisation. If you sign up you can play the seed game for free, help water other people’s seeds to help trees be planted and add your own seeds to grow trees. If you buy through the TillyBoo’s website and tree is planted with TreeNation and the website carbon is offset through them too.
  4. Clear out your emails. Storing old emails can be a big part of your carbon footprint. CleanFox is another great, free App. You install it, link it to your email inboxes and it clears old emails and junk emails for you can reports to tell you how much carbon you have saved.
  5. Finally – change your habits, shop locally, travel less by car and of course reduce, reuse, recycle.

Which of these will you try?

Some are straight forward, easy to action and won’t take much time, money or effort from you. Others need more thought and dedication.

If you want support with making your changes then why not join our email list or Facebook group to get some support. Follow TillyBoo’s on Instagram for tips to help and support or drop us an email and we will be happy to help lower your carbon footprint and planet impact. We are all in it together.

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