Shampoo bar tins, aluminium shampoo bar tin


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These lovely shampoo bar tins make the perfect storage space for your round shampoo bars.

What are these tins?

These are 60ml tins and fit our Soul and Soap shampoo bars perfectly. They will also be great for most other round shampoo bars too, but do not suit our rectangular shampoo bars (which are ok kept out of a tin anyway!). They have a slight screw to the lid so can twist off and on. This keeps your bar safe if you drop the tin with wet hands as the lid will not fall off. but they are also easy to remove even during your bathing. As with most aluminium tins they have a lid inlay to stop the bar sticking to the lid.

Use these lovely aluminium tins to keep your shampoo bar dry in the shower or bathroom. Use your shampoo bar following it’s instructions, pat it dry on a towel and then store it in the tin. The tin can be left in the shower, or it can go in a cupboard if you prefer.

How to use the tins

People like to use shampoo bar tins in different ways – some like to use the bar whilst keeping it in the tin. Some people like to put a ribbon under the bar to help get it out of the tin. Others, like me, simply pop the bar in the tin, use it, dry it and then pop it back in.

As the tins are made from aluminium they last well. They don’t rust and if they ever come to the end of their life, they are easily recyclable!

Why wouldn’t you want one of these beauties to keep your shampoo bar last as long as it can. Keep it in tip top condition to get the very best out of it.

You can use these lovely tins with our shampoo bars as pictured in our image



Shampoo bar tins, aluminium shampoo bar tin


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