Up-cycled Fabric Unsponge, zero waste sponge


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This plastic free up-cycled fabric unsponge is handmade and compostable. By reusing and up-cycling fabrics it is a zero waste sponge option. It’s made from 100% cotton fabric up-cycled from clothing  (fabric design varies at random depending on what fabric we have been using). This functional and eco-friendly unsponge is backed with repurposed burlap from coffee bean bags (sourced from coffee shops). Made into a comfy sponge, it is filled with 2 layers of cotton terry.

The up-cycled fabric unsponge is thinner than a conventional sponge. However we find they are great at fitting around the edges of a glass and into corners.

Robust, with a soft side and a great scrubby side. If you are lucky you might find printing on your scrubby side, showing the burlap’s former life as a coffee bean sack!

When they are dirty – pop them in the washing machine at 40 or lower and hang to dry. When they are used up, cut them small. Remove the polyester thread. Then add them to the compost.


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